Thoughts & Prayers

Women's FictionStraight-A student Lily Jeong sneaks her manipulative boyfriend into Rockwell High, believing he’ll get revenge for her recent public humiliation. But he breaks his promise that no one will get hurt, and minutes later, fourteen people are dead.

Lily invents one lie after another to evade arrest, while her long-time nemesis, class president Keisha Washington, resolves to hunt down the accomplice. As Lily dodges detection, she bonds with Sofia Hernandez, whose best friend Caitlyn Moran was shot.

The adults around them—Joe Hernandez, Sofia’s father and the first policemen to enter the school; Charmaine Robinson, a nurse whose husband died protecting Keisha; and former  Army Colonel Mike Moran, Caitlyn’s father—struggle to piece together their wrecked lives. When they come together in a support group, instead of finding solace, their mounting feelings of grief drive them to protest and vengeance. Will they ever find justice and peace?

K.P. Robbins is a co-author of Thoughts & Prayers, written under the pseudonym Lee Ann Post.