PMS: The Power & Money Sisters

Women's FictionBeth Sherman and her best friend Elaine Ellison decide to form a women’s networking group they half-jokingly call the Power & Money sisters, or PMS for short. It’s 1998, and business is booming in the Virginia suburbs outside Washington, D.C.

Beth is a banker with a commitment-phobic boyfriend and Elaine, a divorced financial consultant with two married lovers. They recruit three others to join the group: Pat Robinson, single mother of two now running her late husband’s construction company; Kimberly Gordon, an executive with an advertising agency founded by her mother; and Lisa Makowski, MBA hotshot in a startup website development company.

Over the course of a year, the women find their work and personal lives intertwining as they handle the ups and downs of their businesses while confronting romantic breakups and new loves, pregnancy and health crises. In their quest for money and power, the women discover the strength of female friendships and the rewards of unselfish love.