The Stonehenge Scrolls

“How did the Stonehenge monuments come to be? Plenty of nonfiction titles discuss possibilities, but for a fictional perspective that is compelling and involving, you can’t beat the thrills and unusual perspectives of The Stonehenge Scrolls.” —Midwest Book Review

Who built Stonehenge and why? Eleven ancient scrolls unearthed near Dublin purport to reveal the answers in this archaeology-based novel.

You’ll meet Myrddin, a prehistoric engineer as hard as the stones he struggles to move except when it comes to his red-haired daughter Sulis; the clan medicine woman Ogwyn. Sulis’s grandmother; and the impetuous chieftain Gwyr.

But is the story they tell true? In alternating chapters, archaeologist Maeve Haley’s blog cites the evidence and speculates on the meaning of Stonehenge.